about me

about meeeeee, sugar crawler

im a 21 year old girl, i live in jakarta and im a serious-amateur photographer, go HERE to see my works.
i love baking, baking is my hobby, my BIG hobby! my favorite thing to bake is cupcakes, i love the process of baking cupcakes, from measuring to mixing to baking to frosting to decorating and finally to photograph them. L-O-V-E! i dont really eat my bake goods though, i still prefer to get them at bakeries than from my own oven.
im a design student majoring in design interior but i totally hate it, hate hate hate! i prefer to bake than doing my assignments so that’s why i’ll be one of few last people to graduate from my class. TeeHee :D
what to say? I LOVE BAKING!

i also own a small sweet business named sugar crawler bake shop and specializing in cupcakes, visit http://sugarcrawler.blogspot.com if you’re interested about tasting sweet treats i make :)

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